Thank you for visiting Daily Quilting.  Daily Quilting is designed to help with you with all your quilting needs and hopefully answer any quilting question you may have.  Please be patience with us as we begin to rebuild Daily Quilting. 

Thank you for visiting Daily Quilting.  Please stop back occasionally for updates.

Have a little time to spare, how about a small project like quilted potholders.

So as I was getting my mammograms the other day, I saw some beautiful quilts.  God Bless the fighters and embrace those that lost.


Daily Quilting

Well we got a little more ambition (not sure where but we did).  We have been working on our main site, other social media sites, blogs, and books lately.  Stay tuned for updates on our progress.  In the meantime, check out our latest project idea! 

Oh my goodness, I have gone and done it now! We are on Facebook with my other favorite crafts, hobbies and likes or dislikes, depending on my mood(s).

Do you have or need some quilting information, questions or tips. If you have any local quilting or craft shows, let us know and we will try to put an informational link for you. 

Need some quilting supplies.  Check here for some time and money saving tips.