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Grandma always told me that time flies by faster the older you get.  I am getting a feeling she was right.

So we have been given many blessings this year.  Yeah, there have been lots of upsets too, but I don't remember those as much as the blessings.  Sometimes those upsets have a hidden blessing in them if you look deep enough.

I found a few inexpensive and practical ideas for your quilting hobbies and also great gifts ideas for this Christmas Holiday!

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Quilting is one of my favorite past times.   However sometimes my creativity comes across a snag every now and then.  I am sure this has happened to you.  Daily Quilting was created to help you by combining everything I have found from quilting information, patterns, and supplies.

Even if you are a quilting beginner, or a quilting expert, I am working to make Daily Quilting your one stop quilting website.

Thank you for visiting and your patience while I work on building Daily Quilting for you.